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What is A Proof Of Attendance NFT?

An ecosystem for the preservation of memories, POAPs have emerged as a digital record of life's experiences.

Whether it’s a static image, animated gif, or avatar, proof of attendance protocol (POAP) are enhancing the fan experience all across the globe. POAPs are an accrued digital collection of one’s lifelong experiences. Secured on the blockchain, the POAP is unable to be altered or amended, setting crucial security boundaries around your community.

How POAPs Work

The basic function of a POAP is basically verifying you “checked in” to an event or experience. Usually transferred through QR codes, POAPs provide event & experience organizers the ability to gamify the experience for the attendees. This enables a more powerful experience to get guests active across all elements, even more so for repeat visitors.

For an item to be vetted as a POAP, it must be minted through the official POAP smart contract, contain metadata related to the event such as date and time, as well as contain a static or dynamic image. However, there are several companies that are providing blockchain-backed POAPs including and Relic Tickets.

Benefits of Integrating Digital Collectibles

As millennials, Gen Z, and younger audiences turn more towards digital currencies and collectibles, it’s important to begin integrating them into the guest experience. It provides an unalterable memory from the day of the experience directly into the attendees digital wallet. Digital currencies and collectibles provide a way to verify attendance at special experiences and provide direct benefits to those individuals.

As blockchain technology continues to grow and evolve, the benefits will only continue to be enhanced.

Creation of FOMO

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) drives an internal feeling within us that’s so powerful that we just can’t miss something. Events create this through imaginative experiences that get the fans immersed with the event itself.

Since POAPs are digital collectibles, it’s easier to incorporate into your marketing strategy and can be customized to fit individual audiences. While most use cases to date have been for date-specific events, the possibilities truly are as limitless as one’s imagination.

These collectibles can be designed to engage audiences of all ages at all different types of experiences. For example, if a zoo is opening a new set of habitats, they could incorporate a new POAP for every new animal they are introducing. As kids and their parents flock to each of the new exhibits, the kids can scan a QR card and receive an animated image of that species with cool kid-friendly facts.

Not only does this promote engagement with the animals and is educational, but it also drives a gamified differentiator from other local attractions. All of the attractions are vying for the attention of the same local audience, whose disposable income may have seen a decline in recent months due to inflation. These gamified experiences create that FOMO.

Enhancing Experience with Gamification

When most event organizers think of “gamification” it usually begins with the assumption that it is expensive to implement. This doesn’t have to be the case, and POAPs provide a cost-effective way to enhance any experience.

From point collection to phygital rewards, the implementation can be easy for any experience and can be activated by use of a simple QR code. In our museum example above, this would be how kids could activate the engagement with the animals; but let’s take it a step further.

What if repeat visitors receive special discounts, feeding tokens, or engagements with animals by verifying they’ve come before? Or maybe certain POAP holders receive limited edition merch on the anniversary of their initial visit? Perhaps kids that hit every exhibit and watch the animations receive a stuffed animal from the gift shop? You can even create an entire loyalty program designed around this practice that differentiates your experience.

Ongoing Fan Engagement

The most important part in the lifecycle is post-experience engagement; driving that need to return year after year or as often as possible. Most event organizers skip this crucial moment which stems far beyond a “Thank you for coming” email.

As these POAPs are on the blockchain, there’s added benefits in terms of communication modes. For example, did you know that you can send all certain POAP owners items directly to their digital wallets? You could send all annual event visitors anniversary POAPs, reward points & tokens, and so much more.

How to Integrate POAPs Into Your Strategy

Many believe that incorporating POAPs and digital collectibles has to be exhaustive and expensive, but really the opposite is true. Starting with stunning artwork and a simple QR scanner can be the difference between having a good time versus a great time.

There does need to be purpose behind the digital collectibles, however, and a general consumer interest must be developed for the strategy to work. Those that can master this, however, will become leaders with their experiences.

Develop Consumer Interest

The first step is to develop consumer interest, or FOMO. Why should the ticket buyer be interested in your event or experience, but more importantly, why should they care about the digital collectible? What value will it bring them post-experience?

Build Eye-Catching Artwork

While NFT’s should be focused on the utility behind the technology, it doesn’t hurt to have some mind-blowing artwork to help develop the consumer interest. Identify what’s trending within your core audience and utilize collaboration opportunities with inspiring artists. Work with a local charity to connect with the community while driving donations. There’s plenty of ways to create the artwork, but make sure you get as creative as you can.

Develop An Engagement Strategy

After you have your NFT artwork, smart contract, and consumer interest set, be sure to have an omni-channel, ongoing engagement strategy. One of the top mistakes with experience organizers is the lack of engagement, especially after the guests visit. However, this is the most important part. Here is where you encourage and persuade your audience to become repeat visitors, increasing your lifetime value (LTV) and revenue.

Incorporating POAPs, or digital collectibles, into your experience is becoming an increasingly crucial element. Many fans are demanding more from their tickets, and at a time where disposable income levels may be compromised, it’s crucial the experience organizers stand out. By adding imaginative differentiators, event organizers can stay on top of trends and create immersive experiences unlike any other.

Go beyond the ticket stub with technology that takes your experience to the next level.


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