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Removing Web3 Onboarding Challenges with & MetaKeep Partnership

Today we announce our partnership with MetaKeep, the leading player in digital hardware wallet protocols.

MetaKeep was founded by the world-class engineering team behind Diem (Meta’s Blockchain), WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft, who previously built many products that over half of the world’s population uses daily.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with MetaKeep to bring this innovative solution to the event ticketing industry. With our combined expertise, we are bringing about a new era of blockchain ticketing that will bring equilibrium to event organizers and fans alike,” said Trevor Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of

“Traditional ticketing platforms refuse to acknowledge and find remedies to issues within the industry such as increased ticket fraud and scalping. Blockchain technology empowers us to fix these issues while providing attendees with a more engaging ticketing experience. Zero friction for the user. Zero sacrifices for the event organizer.”

Integrating MetaKeep’s user-friendly hardware wallet protocol makes web3 onboarding frictionless for all event attendees.

By automating the wallet creation process, this partnership will eliminate manual wallet creation pre-purchase, increase ticket conversions, and reduce the time it takes to get started with web3, making it possible for anyone to participate in the decentralized ticketing experience.

MetaKeep empowers brands to connect with their audience and realize new web business opportunities in web3 with user experiences indistinguishable from the web2 experiences that two-thirds of the world’s people are already familiar with.

This is accomplished without using seed phrases, passwords, app downloads, software installations, gas fees, and numerous other complications besetting blockchain usage.

Combining MetaKeep’s expertise with our blockchain ticketing platform, event organizers will benefit from this collaboration by:

  1. Mitigating ticket fraud and scalping with 1:1 ticket-to-mobile verification, something traditional platforms deny can be managed.

  2. Proving sponsor and exhibitor ROI with deeper engagement insights designed to go further than just the “number of attendees.”

  3. Increasing speed and efficiency of ticket sales and distribution globally.

  4. Controlling the lifecycle of each ticket, including managing all fees and secondary sale markups for a fairer, more beneficial secondary market.

  5. Lowering internal customer acquisition costs by partnering with a ticketing provider that puts their money to work to sell out large and small events.

  6. Expanding their reach to over 121M+ monthly site visits with tickets visible on all major marketplaces, including OpenSea and Magic Eden.

“Integrating our zero-friction digital wallet protocol with’s blockchain ticketing platform is a game-changer for the event ticketing industry. With this collaboration, we are thrilled about making web3 accessible to everyone, invisibly and securely, and bringing a new level of convenience to event attendees,” says Naga Samineni, Co-Founder of MetaKeep.

“Blockchain is an implementation detail that most people don’t really understand. To be honest, most people don’t need to. How many know or understand SSL/TLS and TCP/IP protocols underpinning Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? Thanks to the union of’s attention to detail and MetaKeep’s open hardware wallet protocol, people can experience Web3 and blockchain ticketing without even realizing they have crossed the chasm.”

The MetaKeep integration will empower events and fans alike to utilize web3 technologies and transact frictionlessly in buying and selling any blockchain ticket. Don't believe us? Watch the video below with INSID3RS member Brian and see how easy it is to use

To contact MetaKeep please reach out to Naga Samineni at


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