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Building Deeper Customer Relationships with Blockchain Ticketing

Building deeper customer relationships with blockchain ticketing.


  • Digital collectibles build deeper customer relationships and ongoing brand engagement

  • Secondary market monetary opportunities provide tangible rewards for both customers and experience organizers

  • With just the customer's public wallet ID, experiences can distribute digital assets instantly and at scale

  • Monitoring wallet activity empowers experiences to personalize each individual experience for each customer

Developing deeper customer relationships has become more critical, as current market conditions stress disposable income levels. Vying for customers' attention means brands need to adopt new engagement methods, one of these being blockchain ticketing.

This solution empowers experiences to create digital collectibles that can be easily bought and sold on secondary markets, providing new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers.

Blockchain ticketing is not just a tool for creating digital collectibles; it's also an opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers in unique and innovative ways. Airdrops are a perfect example of this. Brands now have the ability to provide both instant and long-term gratification directly into users' digital wallets.

Furthermore, the psychology of engaging with a brand three or more times before remembering it is well-documented, with several encouraging up to 5+ engagements.

By leveraging blockchain ticketing and digital collectibles, businesses can create engaging experiences that keep customers returning for more, hitting that psychology of 3.

Digital Collectibles with Blockchain Ticketing

NFT collectibles empower experiences to turn art, music, video clips, and more into immutable, one-of-a-kind assets that live on-chain. Securing these assets on blockchain layers such as Polygon or Ethereum means each asset is a guaranteed, authentic piece of digital media that can be held, transferred, displayed online, airdropped, and much more.

Immutability is key with these digital collectibles, as customers demand as much transparency as possible. Customers will be able to verify the original creator, current owner, past transactions, and will own the rights to said digital piece of media.

Digital collectibles can be personalized per holder with dynamic NFTs, allowing the metadata behind each collectible that lives on-chain to change based on engagement criteria. These personalized relationships establish a deeper connection with each customer.

Secondary Market

Secondary market monetary opportunities provide tangible rewards for both customers and experience organizers. Curating a niche community for each collectible lays the foundation for a healthy secondary market. With blockchain ticketing platforms, customers now have fairer and more transparent marketplaces where they can sell their tickets. goes a step further by empowering customers to loan and even rent their tickets!

An easy way experiences can curate their collections and communities are by providing Proof-of-Attendance (POA) NFTs; digital assets designed to showcase the holder's attendance at the experience.

These collections help build deeper customer relationships by providing a tangible asset other than a ticket stub that can have secondary market value and built-in utility designed to encourage hodling.

Airdrops: the Best for Instant Rewards

Each customer that engages with a blockchain ticketing platform will someday become the owner of their own digital wallet. Platforms such as provide a seamless way for customers to receive a digital wallet, even for non-web3 natives. These wallets are unique to each individual, empowering data-centric relationship building even if the customer is anonymous.

Digital wallets are the mechanism by which customers engage with an experiences' airdrop. With just the customer's public wallet ID, experiences can distribute digital assets instantly and at scale. Any utility that is built into the metadata of the digital asset will automatically be distributed to the customer inside their wallet, allowing instant access.

For ex. A fan attends an All Blacks Rugby match hosted in New Zealand; a once in a lifetime opportunity. With blockchain ticketing, the All Blacks team post-match can send a personalized thank you to each digital ticket holder.

Why is this important? The moment that digital asset sits in each customer's wallet, it becomes the customer's property. They hold the rights to do with that asset what they which; display it online or sell for the right bidder on the open market.

The Psychology of 3

Take a step away from the web3 world for a moment. Plenty of studies have suggested that humans need to engage with an item at least 3 times to encourage long-term memory of the item. Traditional engagement methods with customers, however, are stale.

Ongoing privacy policies being put into place limit the data accessible, and being able to place digital assets directly into the hand of each customer becomes crucial.

Blockchain ticketing enables experiences to place promos, rewards, artwork, and more directly into their customer's wallets. This direct-to-wallet response has shown an increase in brand engagement, as well as showing a strong affinity for increased brand loyalty.

Plus, by monitoring the movement of each wallet, experiences are able to have a deeper understanding of what their customers want. Taking these wants, experiences can personalize each individual experience for each customer.

Experiences have the innate ability to onboard tens of millions of fans into the web3 ecosystem. By utilizing blockchain ticketing platforms, experiences are able to build deeper customer relationships with each individual. These relationships become more crucial as the world's economy continues to tighten, stressing the levels of disposable income available for each household.

With traditional engagement methods becoming seemingly stale overnight, it's important for experiences to stay ahead of the curve and adopt new technologies. Blockchain ticketing is just one aspect of the entire web3 ecosystem that provides immense benefits to both experiences and customers, as shown above.

Ready to learn more about the decentralized ecosystem and the benefits it can bring to events?

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