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2nd Annual NFT Bali Celebrates Core Web3 Themes and Balinese Culture

NFT Bali 2023 overview on the blog.

Have you been searching for a new and exciting concept to web3 conferences? Then you HAVE to check out NFT Bali 💜

NFT Bali is the culmination of knowledge sharing circulating web3 themes while immersing yourself in the Balinese culture. The team behind the experience saw the success from events such as NFT NYC and Miami Art Basel, however, much of the local web3 community are unable to fly across the world for these events.

Bringing people together is what they do best at The Collective Solution, the team behind NFT Bali. They've conceived and executed successful events historically in both web2 and web3. In 2022 the team was able to raise the funds & capture the attention of a vast local web3 audience. Within 6 weeks NFT Bali was born, bringing hundreds together for a month-long celebration of web3 themes.

This year, NFT Bali has been split into 4 themed weeks: General Crypto, Hackathons, Angels and Founders, and Art Week.

Hackathon week was created to bring developers together and explore the impossible.

Angels and Founders week ensures the right ideas are being built.

Finally, Art Week grounds all of us reminding us all of the depth of the human experience and inspiring us through beauty, story, and magic.

Instead of an endless shilling, NFT Bali has crafted this program that would allow attendees to see all that Bali has to offer, go on adventures with your degen friends, and gather around some of the greatest experiences Bali has to offer.

Early bird tickets are on sale now!

1️⃣ Regular Weekly

2️⃣ Regular Monthly

3️⃣ VIP Weekly

4️⃣ VIP Monthly

FAQs about NFT Bali

Q: Where should attendees stay?

A: We recommend the suburbs in and around Canggu as most of the events will be held there.

Q: How long should I come for?

A: We tend to travel for a minimum of a month at a time, so we're biased and recommend the same to you, schedule permitting.

Q: Whats the cost of living?

A: This is up to you and how long you want your experience to be. A meal can cost $1 or $30+ depending on where you choose to eat. Transportation is cheap and you can rent scooters for $150 a month. Accommodation can range anywhere between $20 to $400 a day.

Q: Who are your speakers?

A: Workshop days will feature speakers from many establishments - more information can be found on the NFT Bali Discord channel here.

Q: Will I need a Visa?

A: Most passport holders are allowed to get a "visa on arrival". More information can be found at

Q: How big is the local Web3 Community?

A: Having been to many parts of the world, the NFT Bali founders have never seen as much web3 market penetration as they have in Bali + the diverse community provides a platform for women and marginalized communities.


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